Sidewalk Project Continues on West Side in 2022

Hazardous Sidewalk Paint Web

The City of Morris started a sidewalk project using a new method of shaving or cutting the edges of sidewalks that were raised. In 2020 and 2021 the focus was on the east side of town and the major routes. In 2022 the project will shift to the west side of town. The purpose of the project is to make sidewalks safer and more handicapped friendly. The cost of the project is funded by the city through general revenues and taxes and no property owner is charged. There are additional issues with sidewalks the city will be addressing to include places where the sidewalks have sunk and places where the sidewalks are pushed up to far to shave or cut, usually due to tree roots from boulevard trees. When a major repair or replacement of sidewalks is required, the homeowner is responsible. The normal process would include a letter from the city giving notice of the problem and giving instructions for the process to replace. You may notice pink paint marks on the sidewalk to indicate a place where work will be done.

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