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The Morris Liquor store is a municipally owned liquor store at 14 East 5th Street.  The profits from the liquor store are used by the city to provide additional resources for the store and to transfer over to other operations of the city as needed.  According to state statutes, the City of Morris has the sole authority to sell liquor off-sale in the city.  The city manager is overall responsible for the operation of the city and the liquor store, but the store is operated by the liquor store manager.    

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Recent Storm Damages PDT Park

Due to the recent storm, the campground at the PDT Park in the City of Morris will be closed at least until Monday, July 31st. Please call City Hall at 589-3141 to check on the status of it reopening. Thank...
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Hazardous Sidewalk Paint Web

Sidewalk Project Continues on West Side in 2022

The City of Morris started a sidewalk project using a new method of shaving or cutting the edges of sidewalks that were raised. In 2020 and 2021 the focus was on the east side of town and the major routes....
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Drivers Test

DVS to Reopen Morris Location

The Department of Driver and Vehicles Services (DVS) will be opening an exam station in the Morris Community Center. The City of Morris has nothing to do with this process. Anyone interested in taking a drivers exam is encourage to...
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