Morris Liquor

The Morris Liquor store is a municipally owned liquor store at 14 East 5th Street.  The profits from the liquor store are used by the city to provide additional resources for the store and to transfer over to other operations of the city as needed.  According to state statutes, the City of Morris has the sole authority to sell liquor off-sale in the city.  The city manager is overall responsible for the operation of the city and the liquor store, but the store is operated by the liquor store manager.    

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Team Members

Dean Mithun

Liquor Store Manager


News & Events

Drivers Test

DVS to Reopen Morris Location

The Department of Driver and Vehicles Services (DVS) is planning to reopen all 93 exam stations throughout the state. The plan is to open the one in Morris in January of 2022. Like many employers, DVS is facing a significant...
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Mspc Solar Array

Morris Southwest Prairie Solar Co-op is live!

The Morris and Southwest Prairie Solar Co-operative has reached the minimum number of members required to put out Request For Proposals to solar installers, but it is still open for additional members who wish to sign on take advantage of...
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Hazardous Sidewalk Paint Web

Sidewalk Project

The City of Morris is putting together a program for next year to replace sidewalks.  Property owners are responsible for their sidewalks, unless there is an issue with a boulevard tree.  Then the City will be responsible.  You may notice...
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City Hall

610 Oregon Avenue
Morris, MN 56267