City Manager

The city manager department is made up of the city manager, deputy clerk and other positions that do not fall within one of the other departments.  The city manager has the authority and primary responsibility for the operation of the city and to coordinate the activities of the city council, boards and commissions and departments.   The city manager works directly for the city council.  The city manager has secondary responsibility to assist with other operations to include joint powers operations such as the library, economic development authority, community education and recreation, and the regional fitness center.  The city manager is also responsible for all city employees. This department maintains all records of the city to include confidential records.  

Team Members

Rebecca Schrupp

City Manager

Rebecca Schrupp has been the City Manager since July, 2023.  She grew up in Worthington, Minnesota and prior to coming to Morris has worked in Clarkfield and Canby.   

Stacey Mogard

Deputy Clerk

Mike Jacobson

Building Inspector