Morris Area Tourism Board


The Morris Area Tourism Board is established for the purpose of advising and assisting the City Council on the promotion of the Morris Area as a tourist destination and in the allocation and utilization of the lodging tax proceeds collected by the city to further that purpose.

One of the goals of the Tourism Board is to support organizations and businesses that are organizing and holding events that attract visitors from outside the immediate Morris Area. Furthermore, we encourage events in which tourists will be utilizing other local Morris Area amenities such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.  

Support of a local event may include:

  • Listing of event on the Tourism Calendar.
  • Promotion from the Tourism Board’s contracted marketing agency through the use of the Morris Area Tourism branded template(s) for radio, print and social media advertising. All ads will be tagged with “Supported by Morris Area Tourism”.
  • Inclusion of event in current Morris Tourism marketing campaign.


In order for your organization or business to be considered for support from the Tourism Board, the following must be met:

  1. Both profit and non-profit organizations located in the Morris Area are eligible. Non-profit organizations must be formally organized, registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State, and in good standing.  
  2. Event is projected to draw tourists from outside Stevens County.
  3. Event must draw participants that will most likely utilize other Morris Area amenities.

Examples of events that meet these criteria are the Stevens County Fair, art fairs, and performing arts. Examples of events that are not be eligible for funding including industry specific conferences and retail events geared toward local consumers. The Tourism Board will not fund local advertising efforts since our goal is to bring in tourists from outside Stevens County.

The Tourism Board cannot administer funds directly to any individual, organization, or business. All forms of marketing, promotion and/or advertising are handled by the Tourism Board’s contracted marketing agency.

The Tourism Board reserves the right to reject any request that does not meet the above criteria, for budgetary reasons, or requests that are not consistent with the purposes, goals, and legally acceptable uses of tourism funds. 

Qualifying Form

Complete the following form in order for the Tourism Board to consider your event.

Whats Next?

The Tourism Board meets approximately once per month and will review requests at their next scheduled meeting. You will be notified shortly thereafter of their recommendation.

If your event is recommended for funding, allow 6-8 weeks lead time on marketing support.

Looking for information you didn’t see here?

The Tourism Board is made up of 7 members. They meet at 8:30am on the first Tuesday of the month in the City Hall Conference Room. The members are: 

                                               Lisa Walker-Term ends 12/31/2024                         Vacant- Term ends 12/31/2024

                                               Esther Jordan-Term ends 12/31/2025                      Ryan Sleiter- Term ends 12/31/2025

                                               Searle Swedlund- Term ends 12/31/2026                 Chamber Manager               

                                               Monique Richardson- Term ends 12/31/2026

Kim Gullickson is the Council Ex-Officio for 2024