Boards & Commissions

Morris’ board and commissions are composed of appointed and volunteer citizens who are passionate about contributing their experience and expertise to assist in the governance of the city. We currently have eight active internal and two external boards and commissions.  Internally we have the city council, planning commission, airport advisory board, library board, park board, police civil service commission, tree board and tourism board.  Externally we participate in the Regional Fitness Center board, community education and advisory board and the Stevens county economic improvement commission.  The boards and commission generally hold regular meetings to discuss and resolve issues pertaining to the city and include terms of 2 up to 4 years.  The only compensated members are the mayor and city councilmembers.  They are elected by the people.  If you are interested in being appointed to a board or commission, consider this: 

Typically you must be a resident of the city to be appointed to one of the boards.  There are some exceptions when the board represents an activity or service that is shared by residents outside of the city limits like the library or the city parks.  The City Council may choose to appoint an individual from outside the city limits but within the county.  Usually the individual will be 18, but again, the City Council could choose to appoint a young person to get their perspective.  You should have an interest, experience or expertise when it comes to a specific board or commission.  An individual interested in serving on a board could contact the city or more often they may be asked by a chair or member of a committee or board.  Then name is given to the City Council for appointment.

If you are interested in joining a board or commission contact Rebecca Schrupp, City Manager at the Morris City Hall, at 320-589-3141 or

Current Boards & Commissions

City Council

City Council members are responsible for putting into practice local laws and public policies aimed at solidifying and conserving the welfare of the communities they serve.

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Morris Tree Board

The Tree Board oversees the management and preservation of community trees and shrubs in public spaces.

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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is responsible for the City Comprehensive Plan, preparing the zoning map, and oversees requests for conditional use permits and variances.

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Park Board

The Park Board establishes written policies regarding the use of the City’s park and recreational spaces.

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Library Board

The Library Board oversees the management of the library as well as establishing policies and procedures.

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Tourism Board

The Morris Area Tourism Board is composed of seven members appointed by the Morris City Council.   One shall be the administrator for the Chamber of Commerce.  When making appointments priority shall be given to recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce.  The Council may, at their discretion, ensure that there is representation on the board of a person or persons engaged in the business of providing lodging in the Morris area.

The term for members shall be three years staggered with other members.  No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.

The Morris Area Tourism Board makes recommendations to the City Council on the promotion of the Morris Area as a tourist destination and/or convention site and for the allocation and utilization of the Lodging Tax proceeds.

The Tourism Board meets the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 8:30 a.m. in the Morris City Hall conference room.

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Airport Advisory Board

The Airport Advisory Board advises the Council on the overall operation, use, and development of the Morris Municipal Airport. 

City of Morris Economic Development Authority

The City of Morris Economic Development Authority carries out economic and industrial development and redevelopment within the City.

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Community Education Advisory Council

The Community Education Advisory Council represents the citizens of our School District.   The eleven member board is made up of a city council member and two city council appointed members, a school board member and two school board appointed members and the rest are appointed at large by the council.  The Community Education Director also serves as a member.  Contact the City Manager or the Community Education Director if you are interested in serving.

The term for members shall be three years staggered with other members.

Morris Area Community Education & Recreation provides community residents of all ages a variety of educational, recreational, enrichment, and social programs throughout the year.  Brochures are distributed to all school district residents three times per year with information about all of the programs and services.  Suggestions for programs and classes are welcome and new instructors are needed.  The Advisory Council meets to help identify, coordinate and evaluate the educational, recreational, social and cultural opportunities for district residents of all ages.

The Community Education Advisory Council meets the 3rd Monday at Noon in the Community Education and Parent Education Room at the Morris Elementary School.

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Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission

The Economic Improvement Commission provides economic development services to make the economy of Stevens County more vital and viable through job retention and job growth.

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