City Council PD Statement

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Greetings from the Mayor and City Council of Morris.  We are all concerned about the recent talks, rumors, and false news regarding the Morris Police Department.  We are all in support of our local law enforcement and strive to continue their ability to provide security for all and to meet the needs of our citizens.  We have met in a closed meeting to discuss the handling of this situation by the City Manager, Blaine Hill.  We have determined that the issue and facts were presented to the council and recognize the need for action is imperative to maintain our service to the community.  Due to different circumstances we find ourselves short-handed in the Police Department but feel this may be temporary and will explore our options regarding maintaining our police department and the possible partnering with other local law enforcement agencies to maintain our services in the interim.  Two of the Councilmembers will meet with County officials in an ad-hoc joint committee that was set up years ago to discuss possible partnering between the City and the County.  Let us assure you the Morris Police Department is not going away anytime soon and you will continue to enjoy the safety and security that we are used to in the local area.  Thank you for your encouragement and continued support of the City of Morris and our actions.

Mayor Sheldon Giese

Councilmember Kim Gullickson
Councilmember Jeff Miller Councilmember Brian Solvie
Councilmember Kevin Wohlers

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