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The Best Protection

Landlords and tenants alike could save themselves all sorts of hassle if they would just complete an inspection before all the furniture and boxes are moved into the rental.  I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get from tenants who are not getting their security deposit back.  Why?  Because the landlord is telling them there are damages for which they are responsible.  On many occasions, the tenant claims the damages were there already.  I ask if there was an inspection, did they list those damages when they moved in?  The answer is almost always, NO.

On the flip side, landlords get into battles with tenants who won’t pay for damages that aren’t covered by the security deposit.  Again, the question is, “Was an inspection done at move in?”  The answer again is NO.  Landlords sometimes have an advantage in this case, but they may have to go to court to get payment.

Doing an inspection before a tenant moves in may take a few minutes but will surely save you many more in the end.  Landlords can point out the good condition of their rental and at the same time remind tenants that they will be held responsible for damages.  Tenants can point out any defects already present and prevent being charged later.  Either way, its a win-win.  When the tenant moves out, the landlord can take that same inspection sheet over and go through the property with the tenant.  It’s hard to argue about damages that are (or are not) listed on an inspection form you signed at move in.

Save yourselves the headache!  Do a MOVE-IN INSPECTION.