New City of Morris Water Treatment Plant

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UNDERSTANDING THE PERFORMANCE OF A NEW CITY OF MORRIS WATER TREATMENT PLANT TO IMPROVE WATER QUALITY OUTCOMES IN MORRIS, MINNESOTAIn 2022, the city of Morris worked with University of Minnesota Morris, UMN Southwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, UMN Institute on the Environment, Muenster University of Applied Sciences, and other partners to develop a report that describes the performance and operation of the Morris Water Treatment Plant. Morris has extremely hard water, and built the plant to greatly reduce chloride pollution flowing into the Pomme De Terre river. 

This project is in partnership with the UMN Extension Southwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership: Community-University partnerships for sustainability, serving Southwest Minnesota.

The report was developed by Michael Abbing. If you have more questions, please contact:

For in-depth information about the project, Michael’s report is available to read on this website: 

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