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Snow Removal for Residential and Commercial Properties

Residential Property. State statute allows the City to remove snow immediately without notice if it presents a safety hazard. We believe snow removal on sidewalks does present this hazard, but we will probably give notice at least on the initial violation in the beginning of the winter. After the initial notice, the City will not give notice. Failure to remove snow from residential property will result in a notice to the property owner (not renter) to remove the snow. If it is not removed, then the City will contract with a service to have it removed. The cost, plus an administrative fee of $25 will be billed to the property owner. Failure to pay the bill will result in the cost being assessed to the property through taxes.

Commercial Property. Businesses will be dealt with the same, except that IT IS ILLEGAL FOR BUSINESS OWNERS TO PUT SNOW INTO THE CITY STREETS. Customarily the city will pick up any snow on the streets in the downtown, but some owners have chosen to push snow into the streets after the City has finished their work. These owners will be given notice to remove the snow, cited for the snow being on the street, and charged for the cost of removal if the City has to remove the snow. A $25 administrative fee will be charged on top of the cost of removal. Failure to pay the billing will result in the cost being assessed to the property through taxes.

Please call City Hall with any questions.

Click here for information on Snow Alerts in the City of Morris.

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