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State Human Rights Campaign

In March 2001, the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions, together with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, launched a statewide campaign to advance human rights and to counter hatred and bigotry.

The League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions is asking all Minnesotans to make the following pledge to personal action to advance human rights and to promote fairness for all people:

"I pledge to be a positive force in my community, to be an ambassador of good will for justice, equality, understanding, and mutual respect, at work and in my neighborhood.

"I pledge to examine my own biases and stereotypes that I may hold of other groups, in all aspects of my life.

"I pledge to judge others on their individual character, and not on the color of their skin, their religion, their national origin, their sexual orientation, or disability.

"I pledge to speak out against the escalation of hate crimes, racism, religious and ethnic bigotry, sexual harassment, harassment because of sexual orientation and the growing violence against women and people with disabilities in our society, in my personal relations and through the organizations to which I belong.

"I pledge to take positive steps in my community, at work and in the organizations to which I belong, by serving as a bridge to people of color, by developing with them cooperative educational programs and common projects.

"I pledge to work to understand, respect, and celebrate the mosaics of cultures and races that make up our state and country, and which enrich our lives through their diversity."


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